Pregnancy Shiatsu

Shiatsu is the perfect treatment for pregnancy. Unlike many other massage forms, it is safe at any stage during pregnancy and can be completely adapted for the needs of the mother-to-be.

"I feel so relaxed I feel like a different person"

Michelle, second time mum at 31 weeks

Shenyo also offers support for labour preparation for mum's-to-be and their birth partners. We help you prepare yourself for the physical aspects of birth and teach you techniques and positions to aid a more beautiful birth experience.

"The birth of Freya Grace was wonderful....We spent a lot more time out of the water using the ball and drawing on the techniques we had learnt with you. The workshop we had with you proved so valuable, Oli felt much better prepared and was able to guide me and support me beautifully, it eased any self-doubt he may have experienced otherwise ..... I think the experience has really empowered him. It has certainly given me enormous faith in my body." - Carina & Oli, on the birth of Freya at home.

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