About Shenyo

Shenyo was founded by Pat Leeson, an experienced and professionally qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, Qi Gong and Yoga Teacher. Pat's mission is to share these wonderful health-supporting therapies to those in need. Pat lives and works in Woking, but provides home visits around Surrey and parts of southwest London.

The three practises that Shenyo offers are all based in ancient eastern systems of healthcare where health was always understood as a delicate balance of mind, body and spirit in relation to our environment and life experiences. Shiatsu, Yoga and Qi Gong compliment each other perfectly and can be life changing when practised alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Pat's first experience of these practises was doing Yoga with her mother as a child. She discovered Shiatsu at the age of 30 due to raised stress levels and ongoing back issues as a result of being a secondary school teacher. Having decided to leave teaching she decided to retrain as a Shiatsu Practitioner. Qi Gong was part of the training in maintaining your own health as a Shiatsu Practitioner. Pat realised that as a body worker she needed to really take care of her own health and find ways to support others to look after their own health independently of receiving Shiatsu as a therapy. She deepened her practise of both Qi Gong and Yoga and trained to be a teacher in both arts. The training and study of all of these practises is a life path for Pat as they are arts that require skill, experience and dedicated practise. Pat is a Shiatsu Practitioner Fellow member of the Shiatsu Society, a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and a teacher of Qi Gong with the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist arts.

A little bit About the Systems and Philsophies

In the daoist system of healing in ancient China of the different ways to heal the body and the mind the most beneficial and long lasting way to health was to heal yourself from the inside by healing your mind. Heal the mind and everything else would follow. Thus meditation was considered the most effective method. However meditiation is very hard to achieve and is not just a case of sitting still for a period of time. In order to be able to achieve meditation one had to have a good level of mental and physical well-being to begin. So there was a system whereby those farthest from absolute health might have more support and intervention and there was a scale of practises and interventions that would assist people at different levels. The least invasive or intervening the practise the better but if required, surgery was also used.

For the average person a combination of diet, exercise, herbs and massage was ideal. Acupuncture was used if things needed an extra kick and surgery and poisons were considered the most extreme level. (Poisons are how ancient Chinese medicine might have described most western medicines as they harm one aspect of the body in order to change or manage a disease or illness.) In the Eastern system we are all sick, all out of balance - otherwise we wouldn't die. Thus we all need to look to exercise, diet, herbs (which we might look at as vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements - those things that support our body to work better without harming it). And in addition we all need a little extra input perhaps even some prodding and poking in order to get our systems moving and working better.