About Shenyo

Shenyo was founded by Pat Leeson, an experienced and professionally qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, Qi Gong and Yoga Teacher. Pat's mission is to bring these wonderful health-supporting therapies to the whole of Surrey and the bordering areas of West London.

All of these three practises come from the East and have their roots in thousands of years of healthcare tradition.  They compliment each other perfectly and alongside a healthy diet are considered the best way to achieve longevitiy and general well-being.

There is a daoist tradition in China which says that there are different ways to heal the body and the mind and they form a pyramid, the most beneficial and long lasting at the top leading down to the last resort at the bottom.  At the top of the pyramid is meditation, followed by practices like yoga and qi gong, then diet, and massage.  At the very bottom are poisons and surgery the very things we, in the west, tend to turn to first.  These practices are considered to be harmful to the body but are used in emergency life-threatening situations.