Shiatsu Massage

Supporting your body to heal itself

Shiatsu is a revitalising full-body treatment perfect for all aspects of physical and mental well-being. 

The knowledge and wisdom of an experienced practitioner can work wonders. Skilled use of pressure and mobilising techniques releases areas of blockage and tension, while areas of weakness are supported and nourished.  Shiatsu promotes a return to the body's natural equilibrium.  This highly effective Japanese system of massage is non-invasive and gentle but extremely powerful.

Each treatment is unique depending on individual needs which are established through a combination of pre-treatment discussion and body diagnosis.  Treatments can be envigorating or relaxing, physical or energy based, dispersing or nourishing and all of the above.

Shenyo Shiatsu is practised in the traditional way on a futon so there are no messy oils.  If you require treatment on a massage table this is also possible.

Shiatsu treatments are available. We are following government guidelines on spacing, hygeine and PPE. 

We are also offering online sessions of Do-In which is the Japanese practise of self-massage and gentle exercise for health and mobility.  If you are at all nervous about attending treatments or even as the perfect supplement to treatment, these sessions are ideal.  If you are interested in the online group class or individual sessions targeting your own issues, then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We are trying to keep abreast with research and are currently implementing appropriate procedures and measures to minimise the risk of infection.