Shiatsu Massage

Supporting your body to heal itself

Shiatsu is a revitalising full-body treatment that encourages the release of tension from both body and mind.  It is beneficial for all aspects of well-being and relaxation. 

The knowledge and wisdom of an experienced practitioner can work wonders. Through specialised pressure and mobilising techniques areas of blockage can be dispersed areas of weakness can be supported and the body's natural equilibrium can be re-established.  This highly effective Japanese system of massage is non-invasive and gentle but extremely powerful.

Each treatment is unique depending on individual needs established through a combination of pre-treatment discussion and body structure diagnosis.  The type of pressure and mobilising techniques and stretches are adapted accordingly and you can ask your practitioner to adapt treatments to your requirements.  Treatments can be envigorating or relaxing, physical or energy based, dispersing or nourishing according to the body's needs.

Shenyo Shiatsu is practised as is traditional on a futon and through clothing, so there are no messy oils enabling you to go about your day still feeling fresh.  If you require treatment on a massage table this is also possible.

Unfortunately we are unable to give Shiatsu treatments at this time however, we are offering online tuition for Do-In which is Japanese self-practise of massage and gentle exercise for health and mobility.  If you are interested in group or individual sessions targeting your own issues, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are trying to keep abreast with research and are currently implementing appropriate procedures and measures to minimise the risk of infection once the practise reopens.