Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient practice for encouraging the flow of energy or life force (Qi in China and Ki in Japan) around the body.  Many traditional Martial Arts and practices such as painting and calligraphy require control and mastery of Qi and Qi Gong is the method for developing awareness and then control of this internal power. 

There are many different styles and forms of Qi Gong. At Shenyo we teach a form of Qi Gong called TaiJi QiGong Shibashi (18 Stance Tai Chi Qi Gong).  It is a series of 18 stances combining breath and movement based around moves from the martial art Tai Chi form.

This is a very gentle series which supports general well-being and is easy and safe to practise at home.  It is a lovely, calming and yet energising way to start any day.

Pat was very fortunate to have trained with and received instruction to teach this series from Chris Jarmey, author of "The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong" and several other books on eastern health and well-being practises.

If you are interested in Qi Gong classes or one-to-one sessions, please contact us.