Shiatsu, Yoga and Qi Gong

Three healing therapies and practices supporting your health and well-being

Shiatsu is an acupressure-based massage form from Japan that helps to keep your body mobile and free from tension, induces relaxation and improves general well-being.  Many people feel much more in tune with their body and emotional and mental well-being as a result of regular treatment.

Yoga is an ancient Indian system combining physical exercise, breathing and relaxation to open and stimulate every part of the body. It has many health benefits including increased strength, mobility and flexibility but most particularly for calming and focusing the mind.

Qi Gong (or Ki Gung) is a traditional Chinese practise for transforming the body and mind. The movements and postures often seem very simple to an external observer, but their effects for the mind, body, alignment and well-being are powerful.