Discover Yoga

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An introduction to the philosophy and practices of yoga

With Angela Barber and Pat Leeson

If you've been to yoga classes and thought you would like to know more about the origins and the theory behind it. Or if you've been thinking about trying it but are too intimidated by images of super-bendy beings in impossible poses. Or perhaps you're confused by the many different styles and where to start?  Then join us for an afternoon of gentle yoga practice and theory.  We'll endeavour to answer your questions as simply as possible and help to explain why regular practice of the teachings of yoga can help you to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Venue: Unitarian Church, Horsham, West Sussex (with free parking)

Course cost: £25

Registration: Please download and complete the pdf at the bottom of this page and follow payment/mailing instructions on the form.  Paypal payments accepted, please contact us for more details.

Details of the session

The afternoon will comprise of a combination of practical and theory sessions covering:

  • 2 short practical yoga posture (asana) sessions
  • the roots of Yoga (a potted history)
  • how to integrate the 8 core practises of Yoga into your daily life
  • why there are so many different styles of yoga and a little about some of the more known ones
  • understanding how a typical yoga class increases your flexibilty and strength
  • the calming practises of pranayama (breath work), meditation (focusing the mind) and relaxation.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

Please bring the following if you have them: yoga mat, blocks, a cushion, belt/strap, a blanket.  We will provide for those who don't have their own.  It is advisable to wear comfortable and flexible clothing.

Download the information and registration documents below or contact us for more help.