Baby Shiatsu

Touch is a fundamental human need - it has the power to aid healing, support physical movement and to give comfort. Shiatsu is a particularly wonderful way of touching the body to give all three.

Mondays 2.00-3.00pm, July 8th -29th 2013
2-3 Eastgate Court, Guildford, Surrey

The Baby Shiatsu Course is a 4 week course of one hour classes where we cover three basic treatments and how to support your baby through its first months in life. As a mum you will learn to give simple acupressure massage which will encourage your baby's health and well-being

There are no oils and your baby doesn't need to be naked so it is very practical and can be practised anytime, anywhere.  Even babies who don't like massage love Shiatsu because the quality and style of touch is clear and comforting.

Plus if your baby wants to sleep rather than join in, we provide special dolls on which to practise and you can feed or change nappies whenever you need.

Shenyo Baby Shiatsu Bonuses:
  • Class sizes are small - limited to 6 babies, so you and your baby will receive one-to-one attention to give you the skills and confidence needed to give your baby great Shiatsu.
  • The teacher is friendly, skilled and knowledgeable and will adapt to your needs.
  • This course is not limited to mums - I am happy to run Dad only classes where there is demand!

What's Covered:
  • How to hold and lift your baby (it might seem obvious, but it's an important skill to prevent muscle problems later on. Different holding positions can encourage even-sided development and comfort for both mother and baby)
  • How to give your baby Shiatsu and support him/her through the natural stages of development over the first few months, this includes:
    • Shiatsu on the front of the body - finding my centre, aiding digestion and breathing issues - important for all other stages of development including co-ordinated movement, speech and reading later on.
    • Shiatsu on the back of the body to encourage strength in the back and the ability to lift the head and establish an all fours position. Helps posture.
    • Shiatsu for the side of the body to encourage rolling and rotational movement.  This is important not only for rolling from front to back, but also when the baby begins to move from sitting to standing.
  • When to intervene and when not to:  We often want to help our babies along in terms of sitting, standing and walking, but sometimes the things we do actually impede their development rather than support it.  It's good to know the difference.  We will also learn to recognise when our baby wants touch or not.
  • Some points and techniques for common ailments: Things like colic, wind, digestive flow, chest infections etc (depending on what is presenting in the babies in the group)
  • Anytime - Anywhere:  on your lap, in a pram or on the move. You can do Shiatsu on your baby while you are waiting for a bus!
  • Exercises for Mum & Dad - things to do to get back in touch with your own body with some fun exercises and self-massage practices.