Angela Barber - Yoga Teacher, Dip-BWY

"I first came to yoga because I had a bad back. Pain killers were having little effect and I was spending a small fortune on chiropractors and physiotherapy. Unlike conventional exercise which tends to tone muscles at the expense of flexibility yoga tones and lengthens muscles effectively increasing flexibility and I am convinced this approach was fundamental to my healing. By gently releasing the joints and stretching stiffened muscles the body became more receptive to the work of the physiotherapist.

My experiences motivated me to learn more about yoga and its benefits which in turn led to a teaching diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga. I continue to explore and develop my yoga practice through regular training workshops with a special emphasis on yoga anatomy and the spine. I have been lucky to benefit from such eminent teachers as Paul Fox and Dr Ruth Gilmore as well as Cathy- Mae Karelse and my first teacher, Katherine Varley, whose inspiration led me on this journey."